Here we would like to give you some useful recommendations regarding of delivery from Russia.

We are experienced enough to state, that the quickest and the cheapest way to ship over 15kg weight products to most countries is the one by air cargo company Aeroflot to nearest airport. In most countries customs formalities are trouble-free and it takes one very little time and money. This air carrier is very careful to shipment and we had no problems for a long time.

Express-mail delivery straight to your door is usually more expensive and takes more time. But if your parcel has the weight under 10-15kg it will be more profitable because the minimal fare for air cargo delivery (see above) is $100.To know express-mail costs see It is the web-site of cheapest express-mail service in Russia.

If you want your goods to be delivered any other way it is also possible, just let us know about it.

The status of departure from Russia you can obtain by AWB number via Internet on web-sites of the carriers:

Aeroflot :

The status of delivery you may trace on web-sites of your country post-offices:

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